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Estreno de Tyler Rake (Netflix)

Netflix quería comunicar el estreno de su película de forma innovadora

Planteamos un diseño enriquecido, con elementos interactivos que permitían conocer mejor a los actores o un mapa con la localización…

Huawei P10

Influencers prueban el nuevo dispositivo de Huawei

Contenidos en vídeo y texto que demuestran las ventajas del Huawei P10. Una cámara Leica y una batería de carga…


A new way of selling second-hand cars

Video, online content and print get together to show the new face of Wallapop: selling cars.

Seat Ateca Challenge

Change your point of view

We've discovered a new point of view with Seat Ateca. The action has revolved around two ideas: stories and challenges.

BMW Genius

Looking for the new BMW Genius: linking technology and passion

The main goal of the action was to promote the technological and young side of BMW with a video series…

Special BQ

Innovation and technology with a brand "Made in Spain"

Technology specials powered by BQ were born with a goal in mind: to offer unique content about innovation (smartphones, robots,…

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