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Axel Springer General News

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

217468 likes in Facebook

237037 followers in Twitter

3225 registered users in the Web

3650 subscribers in Youtube

8982 connections in LinkedIn

Unique comScore users

* comScore multiplatform- spanish users

Business Insider Spain

Censal: 5729837 users

comScore: 3196768 users

Facebook: 31722 likes

Twitter: 10583 followers

Web: 3225 registered users

Youtube: 3650 subscribers

LinkedIn: 7366 connections


Censal: 4617437 users

comScore: 6275000 users

Censal: 1335636 users

comScore: 405030 users

Facebook: 185746 likes

Twitter: 226454 followers

LinkedIn: 1616 connections

Axel Springer Motor

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

621865 likes in Facebook

100595 followers in Twitter

2653 registered users in the Web

166200 subscribers in Youtube

Unique comScore users

* Spanish users- comScore multiplatform. AutoBild Sites

18113 copies/number in month

244000 month readers

Censal: 3709869 users

comScore: 2567419 users

Facebook: 154431 likes

Twitter: 50011 followers

Web: 2653 registered users

Youtube: 66200 subscribers

Auto Bild Magazine

Diffusion: 8857 copies/number

Audience: 124000 number readers

Censal: 870947 users

comScore: 481510 users

Facebook: 145435 likes

Twitter: 11800 followers

Top Gear España

Diffusion: 9256 copies/number

Audience: 120000 number readers

Censal: 2678213 users

comScore: 1426028 users

Facebook: 321999 likes

Twitter: 38784 followers

Youtube: 100000 subscribers

Axel Springer Technology

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

795504 likes in Facebook

242785 followers in Twitter

92333 registered users in the Web

234000 subscribers in Youtube

Unique comScore users

* Spanish users- comScore multiplatform- Computer Hoy Sites

16400 copies/number in month

237000 month readers

Censal: 11818835 users

comScore: 3006446 users

Facebook: 795504 likes

Twitter: 242785 followers

Web: 92333 registered users

Youtube: 234000 subscribers

Computer Hoy Magazine

Diffusion: 16400 copies/number

Audience: 237000 number readers

Axel Springer Entertainment

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

469236 likes in Facebook

269137 followers in Twitter

10876 registered users in the Web

182000 subscribers in Youtube

Unique comScore users

* comScore multiplatform

26300 copies/number in month

291000 month readers

Censal: 8740437 users

comScore: 2396570 users

Facebook: 469236 likes

Twitter: 269137 followers

Web: 10876 registered users

Youtube: 182000 subscribers

Hobby Consolas Magazine

Diffusion: 15300 copies/number

Audience: 235000 number readers

RetroGamer Magazine

Diffusion: 11000 copies/number

Audience: 56000 number readers

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