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Axel Springer General News

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

14743 likes in Facebook

4189 followers in Twitter

796 connections in LinkedIn

Unique comScore users

* comScore multiplatform- spanish users

Business Insider Spain

Censal: 1190465 users

comScore: 1095111 users

Facebook: 14743 likes

Twitter: 4189 followers

LinkedIn: 796 connections


Censal: 3788275 users

comScore: 4212353 users

Axel Springer Motor

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

581311 likes in Facebook

90238 followers in Twitter

89545 subscribers in Youtube

Unique comScore users

* Spanish users- comScore multiplatform. AutoBild Sites

21617 copies/number in month

244000 month readers

Censal: 2579052 users

comScore: 1943708 users

Facebook: 164506 likes

Twitter: 46548 followers

Youtube: 45431 subscribers

Auto Bild Magazine

Diffusion: 12361 copies/number

Audience: 124000 number readers

Censal: 685950 users

comScore: 602296 users

Facebook: 88926 likes

Twitter: 10746 followers

Top Gear España

Diffusion: 9256 copies/number

Audience: 120000 number readers

Censal: 1623639 users

comScore: 926153 users

Facebook: 327879 likes

Twitter: 32944 followers

Youtube: 44114 subscribers

Axel Springer Technology

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

977990 likes in Facebook

460297 followers in Twitter

123025 subscribers in Youtube

1311 connections in LinkedIn

Unique comScore users

* Spanish users- comScore multiplatform- Computer Hoy Sites

16400 copies/number in month

237000 month readers

Censal: 9144439 users

comScore: 2498362 users

Facebook: 786097 likes

Twitter: 230820 followers

Youtube: 123025 subscribers

Computer Hoy Magazine

Diffusion: 16400 copies/number

Audience: 237000 number readers

Censal: 1372577 users

comScore: 855997 users

Facebook: 191893 likes

Twitter: 229477 followers

LinkedIn: 1311 connections

Axel Springer Entertainment

Unique census users

* Censal: Google Analytics

458359 likes in Facebook

224222 followers in Twitter

110742 subscribers in Youtube

Unique comScore users

* comScore multiplatform

43700 copies/number in month

577000 month readers

Censal: 7232282 users

comScore: 2220322 users

Facebook: 458359 likes

Twitter: 224222 followers

Youtube: 110742 subscribers

Hobby Consolas Magazine

Diffusion: 18500 copies/number

Audience: 235000 number readers

Revista Oficial Nintendo

Diffusion: 14200 copies/number

Audience: 286000 number readers

RetroGamer Magazine

Diffusion: 11000 copies/number

Audience: 56000 number readers

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